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Gearing up for DNA Day – Five big questions

DNA Day LogoWe are excited that DNA Day is fast approaching: Tuesday, April 21, 2015. To help you prepare for the big day, we’ve asked five big questions (see image below or bottom of website titled Genetics Q&A). We were inspired in this by the way educators ask the big questions when planning to present a complex topic to students. Through this, teachers provide their students with a mental framework to improve the learning process. This year, we not only asked five big questions about DNA, we also delved through previous chat logs and our blogs to supply you with additional expert answers and great resources.
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If you wish to know more about DNA, genetics and genomics, this resource is for you. I hope students and teachers will find this of great value. To learn more, and to be part of the ongoing conversation, be sure to sign-up and participate in this year’s DNA Day on April 21

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Gearing up for DNA Day – Five big questions

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