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There's more to a snore than just making a lot of noise

You probably snore when you're asleep. 45% of the population in the UK and the EU snore and 64% of American households have someone who snores. It is generally irritating to other people close to an individual who snores but it can be much more than that. It can cause serious sleep disturbances in the snorer or in other members of a household, and can lead to ongoing fatigue. You can try changing your sleep position, change your pillow, stay hydrated, and avoid alcohol before bed, but changing sleep habits is often not enough.
Mute - Breathe More Snore Less
An Australian company, Rhinomed, decided to tackle the problem and in the process developed a product that goes beyond keeping peace in the bedroom.

They found there were ways to use the 'platform' to deal with sleep apnea, assist athletes, and even use it as a drug delivery mechanism. I caught up with Michael Johnson, CEO and Managing Director of the company and talked with him about the nose 'stent' and the many uses he sees for the product. And by the way - if you're at BIO right now you can hustle on over to the Australian Pavilion and get a free pack of the Mute.

There's more to a snore than just making a lot of noise

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