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  • Gene patents could threaten cattle producers

    Genetic ownership could come under serious question if companies can patent naturally occurring DNA segments in cattle. And that has already happened in Australia.

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    Genome Researchers Find Strength in Numbers

    Maybe more isn't always better, but for researchers craving data, the more the merrier.

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    Dairy Genome Researchers: Working Together Sets Them Apart

    Genome Alberta and the Dairy Research and Technology Centre are a powerful combination for cutting edge research

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    Dairy Researchers Drowning in Data…in a Good Way

    Researchers have a secret weapon in their quest to build a better dairy cow

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    Genome Research Gets Real

    Genome project sparks a new product that has plenty of upside

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    Finding their Whey: Dairy Researchers Gain Scottish Support

    Even if you hate plaid, you'll love how the Scots are helping our dairy farmers boost their bottom line.

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    Pig Genome Project Gets “Test”y

    Testing! Testing! Pigs, pathogens & protocols

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    Genome Alberta 2016 Recap: Smart Solutions & New Resolutions

    As 2016 draws to a close, pig and cattle researchers with Genome Alberta have big plans for the New Year.

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