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Science celebrated across Canada - Science Odyssey

This year science is being celebrated across Canada through Science Odyssey, a nation-wide event running from May 6 to May 15. Even though it starts a week later, the Canada-Wide Science Fair is considered to be a part of these celebrations. At local levels all across the country there are big and small events. Check out the list and perhaps take the time to attend some.

Image of a screenshot of the Government of Canada, Space Odyssey webpage

For many years we have celebrated National Science and Technology Week (NSTW). The organizers, led by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) have expanded NSTW into a much larger celebration of science in Canada. You can find a massive web presence with links to events, projects and exciting science. There are activities designed for all age groups from elementary students to adults. This appears to be a very good resource for teachers. I hope that the site is maintained after the odyssey is over and that it serves as a framework to build a go-to site all year long. We all know that the celebration of science in Canada is more than a ten-day event.

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Science celebrated across Canada - Science Odyssey

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