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Bringing First Nations experience into CWD research

There is knowledge lurking inside First Nations culture that is waiting to be applied across many disciplines. One of Genome Alberta's projects has already involved First Nations' communities in its work and is hope to add another voice to the research.
Our University of Alberta based study on Chronic Wasting Disease may have found a new ally in Kim TallBear as she looks at ways to incorporate the science into her summer internship.
Chronic Wasting Disease is a contagious and fatal prion disease of deer, elk and moose that has spread from Colorado to 24 US states, Alberta and Saskatchewan since 1967.  First Nations' people who rely on hunting for food or cultural practices have a lot to lose if the disease cannot be controlled. Apart from learning more about the disease, the Genome Alberta project aims to develop an  “early detection/rapid response” for use by hunters, First Nations, and by wildlife managers to aid in surveillance and management strategies.

Don Hill talked with Kim TallBear, an Associate Professor in the University of Alberta's Faculty of Native Studies and  Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Peoples, Technoscience & Environment. She is not currently part of the CWD project but as you'll hear in this podcast, she is eager to be part of the discussion and maybe even go on a field trip!

(by the way, the intro music for the CWD podcast is by Frankum & FrankumJay. We like to give credit where credit is due and we couldn't make that name up!)

Bringing First Nations experience into CWD research

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