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Canada's Minister of Science and Technology welcomes you to DNA Day

We're pretty excited to see that our 5th DNA Day in Canada has come together to bring some of Canada's best genetics experts online so you can learn more about genetics and how your DNA makes you who you are. We did a technical rehearsal last week to make sure our Google video Hangout was going to work in the Cybera video room and it looks great thanks to their help.
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The Hangout will feature Dr. Francois Bernier, head of the Department of Medical Genetics at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, and Jay Ingram a well know Canadian science broadcaster and founder of Beakerhead. (pictured at right). Also joining us from Edmonton on the hangout will be Dr. Carolyn Fitzsimmons, Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta's Department of Agricultural, Food, and Nutritional Science. She specializes in livestock genetics, so paired with Dr. Bernier we'll have the bases covered.

Last year we were pleased to have a statement read in the Alberta Legislature by MLA Linda Johnson and this year we're pleased to have the support of Canada's Minister of State for Science and Technology, Ed Holder. In fact so pleased are we to get this level of support we're letting the cat out of the bag a little early.
Be sure to join us tomorrow at http://LetsTalkDNA.ca for the day's chat and Hangout and in the meantime here is Minister Holder's message:

The Minister's Welcome is also available in French.
The Hangout starts at 9:00a MT (11:00a ET) but we kick things off even earlier at 7:00a MT (9:00a ET) with a text chat with Sean Myles, Canada Research Chair in Agricultural Genetic Diversity at Dalhousie University. Throughout the day we have different experts popping in and out of our chatrooms to take your questions in English and French. You can see the full schedule on our Let's Talk DNA website.

Canada's Minister of Science and Technology welcomes you to DNA Day

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