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Genomic Solutions for a Changing Climate

Genomics can contribute to the fight against climate change by helping us to understand the impact of the changes on living organisms, by identifying the abilities of organism to adapt to the changing climate, and to give us the tools to act on climate change. Canada’s rate of warming is about twice the global rate and we will have to contend with:
  • longer, warmer growing seasons
  • altered rainfall patterns, leading to droughts and floods 
  • climate variability
  • increased frequency and severity of insect and disease manifestations
  • changing ocean environments, including changes in sea level, wave regimes, and ice conditions

Genomics is a powerful tool to help Canada and other countries deal with climate change and in May of this year we held a climate change workshop to delve deeper into those tools and how they can be applied in a practical and sustainable manner.

Canada is already a leader in plant and animal genomics with large well-established multi-disciplinary teams and 'omics technology platforms ready to provide services to industry and to researchers. Genome Canada has invested over $170 million in climate change and clean technology research since 2014 so this workshop was a natural progression to make the most of Canada's advantages and the work done by Canada's Genomics Enterprise.
You can download the report here and if you have comments or would like more information, send us an e-mail to info@genomealberta.ca

Genomic Solutions for a Changing Climate

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