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Genomics 2017: A year on our blogs - Genome Alberta


Canadians were challenged by the Government of Canada to be the most we could be in 2017 for Canada150. Now that this celebratory year is coming to an end, I’m taking the time to look back over our blogs for the year. Rather than select a ‘top post’ for each month, I highlighted a variety of science topics that we at Genome Alberta explored in 2017.

Chronic Wasting Disease was mentioned in the Alberta Legislature this year; no surprise, then, that it was the focus of eleven blog posts in 2017. This year also marked the opening of the International Microbiome Centre, the largest academic germ-free facility in the world. Among our 7 blogs on this topic you will find links to enable you to do a virtual 360-degree tour of the facility.

We celebrated student achievement in science fairs, Biogenius and iGEM competitions. Additionally, we blogged advice for teachers to help facilitate project-based learning in their classrooms and on field trips. We also reviewed books of general scientific interest for educators, students and members of the public with a keen curiosity.
We had blogs seeking science outside of Canada in such places as London’s Wellcome Collection and the Tower Bridge, and at Titanic Belfast. We were also able to preview NASA’s big announcement in the realm of exobiology.

As you re-experience our blogs from 2017, let us know your favourites.

Once again I used Prezi to illustrate one blog post from each month in 2017. Prezi is a tool “that helps you organize and share your ideas”. Here are some hints if you have not used Prezi before:
  • click your way through using the forward and back buttons on the bottom; or
  • choose ‘autoplay’ from the ‘more’ menu on the lower right; or
  • explore ‘freeform’ using your mouse as you might in Google maps.
We will continue to keep you informed through the coming year about the promise and the power of genomics, STEM education and other science related topics. Follow the latest happenings through our blogs and on our Twitter streams (@GenomeAlberta, @gwardis, @MikesGene).

Happy New Year!
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Genomics 2017: A year on our blogs - Genome Alberta

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