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Genomics 2019: A year on the Genome Alberta blog

Topics of interest for scientists, science teachers, students, and anybody else keen on science: in 2019, we had it all on our Genomics Blog. There were many new podcasts featuring a wide range of expert interviews. A YouTube playlist of ‘genetics explainers’ now being used in flipped classrooms was inspired by the query from grandparents wanting to understand what their grandchildren were learning. We had news releases and funding announcements and book reviews. Genome Alberta is a significant sponsor of regional science fairs in Alberta, and as part of that commitment news from science fairs, science events and award winners can be found on our blog. In all, there were 98 blog entries this year.
In this post, I showcase the wide variety of science topics we presented this year. I used Google Slides for this presentation. Click the link in the calendar to go to the featured post on our blog.


If Google Slides is not working on your browser, you can view our 2019 blog review on Slideshare.

As you re-experience posts on our blog from 2019, let us know your favourites.

We will continue to keep you informed through the coming year about the promise and the power of genomics, STEM education and other science-related topics. Follow the latest happenings through posts on our blog and on our Twitter streams (@GenomeAlberta, @gwardis, @MikesGene).

Happy New Year!

Genomics 2019: A year on the Genome Alberta blog

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