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Graduate students in a precarious position during the pandemic

Graduate students in Canada feel ‘left out in the cold’ over the last 6 months. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of science and research, but the graduate students who contribute heavily to the process are not even sure they will be able to finish their studies.

That is just one of the findings of a national survey conducted by the Toronto Science Policy Network. The 1,431 students surveyed also had financial concerns, had ​their internships cancellation or postponed, or felt there was poor communication from their university departments. Graduate students provide the labour force and talent needed to keep academic research moving. They are also the lead researchers of the future, yet are feeling uncertain and confused about that future. The report not only outlines the challenges facing the students but offers 9 recommendations for  supervisors, student groups, institutions, and governments.

The findings from the survey are going to be discussed during a webinar today (August 25th at 2:00p EDT.

Sivani Baskaran is President of the TSPN and Frank Telfer is the organization’s Vice President. Both are also graduate students at the University of Toronto. They talked with freelancer broadcaster Don Hill.

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Graduate students in a precarious position during the pandemic

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