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Blood Types Explained!

This is the seventh in my series of ‘genetics explainer’ videos on YouTube originally inspired by the request for information from some friends wanting help for their grandchild. Since then, some teachers have told me that they use these videos in a flipped-classroom instructional strategy. I expect these explainers may also be useful for students learning from home. I get a smile when I see a jump in views knowing that probably somewhere someone online is learning from these videos.

I was motivated to create this latest video in the series when I was asked if ABO blood types play any role in COVID-19. ABO blood typing is often used in the study of genetics as an example of multiple alleles. In this video we look at why we need to know blood type for blood transfusions. We consider how blood type is established and why some blood types clump up when mixed with a different blood type. We then look at the genetics of blood types. And yes, we consider some very recent scientific publications that have investigated ABO blood type and COVID-19. I have put links to these papers in the Links of Interest below.

 Links of Interest: 

Blood Types Explained!

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