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Genomics 2020: A year on the Genome Alberta blog

The year 2020 comes up as an epithet in more conversations than I can remember. Certainly prior to ‘the year 2000’ we had great anticipation for that year ahead. On the other hand, it seems that most people can’t wait for 2020 to be over. Now, we don’t even need to stipulate ‘the year’ when speaking of 2020. We at Genome Alberta didn’t have all the answers, but we posted on our blog an array of thought-provoking information and topics of interest. And the topic of most interest in 2020 was COVID. We published the first of more than 60 blog posts labelled COVID in January when it was still known only as the “Wuhan coronavirus, nCoV-2019”. Our COVID posts included many interviews with Canadian scientists working directly on COVID-related research.

Of course we continued to discuss genetics, genomics, biotechnology and ethics. In addition, for educators and students, we added to the ‘Genetics Explainer’ YouTube playlist. We posted some strategies to support learning either online or in the classroom when we were expecting students to be returning to schools in the fall.

Genome Alberta continued to be a major sponsor of Alberta regional science fairs. This year our Genome Alberta awards were presented at Alberta’s first virtual regional science fair hosted by the Southern Alberta Technology Council and the University of Lethbridge. All the regional science fairs will be virtual in 2021, and we will continue posting details as they are revealed in the new year.
In this post, I showcase the wide variety of science topics we presented this year. I used Google Slides for this presentation. Click the link to go to the featured post on our blog. .

If Google Slides is not working on your browser, you can view our 2020 blog review on Slideshare.
As you re-experience posts on our blog from 2020, let us know your favourites.

The bad pun on social media this week is that we can truly look back on last year with 20/20 vision. We will keep you forward-thinking and informed through the coming year about COVID-19, the promise and the power of genomics, STEM education and other science-related topics. Follow the latest happenings through posts on our blog and on our Twitter streams (@GenomeAlberta, @gwardis, @MikesGene).

Happy New Year!

Genomics 2020: A year on the Genome Alberta blog

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