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I found some STEM books for Toddlers


There are many benefits to reading to very young children. The American Academy of Pediatrics shows that reading daily to young children, starting in infancy, can help with language acquisition and literacy skills. They use the term "biological embedding" to describe this long-term benefit: getting the young brain ready to read.

For many years, parent and teacher groups have championed daily reading to youngsters. If asked why we read to babies and toddlers, we might list a variety of reasons including:
  • babies are calmed and love to hear their parent’s voice
  • children and parents form fun and positive bonds
Reading to youngsters also encourages:
  • developing mental imagery, seeing what is heard
  • thinking and understanding skills
  • acquiring language and literacy
  • improving imagination
  • increased vocabulary leading to early academic success
  • enhancing concentration skills
  • developing lifelong love of reading.
If you are looking at the classics from the past, or the books that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s, you may decide that they are not suitable by today's standards.

I recently discovered a series of books for children called Baby University Series that totally impressed me. The two I saw were The ABCs of Biology and The ABCs of Mathematics. These books are designed for parents and grandparents who want not only to read to youngsters, but to start very early with STEM topics.

From an educational design perspective, these books are meant to grow with the child. There are three levels of sophistication: Basic, Build and Explore.

These board books are built to be handled. Imagine that your very young child with all their flexibility will manipulate this book with their hands and their feet. They will put the corners in their mouths and eventually slap and then point to the pictures. As they grow older, they will move from the pictures to memorizing the words in big print and ultimately be reading the book back to you.

The ABC’s of Mathematics had some concepts that inspired me to read more. I probably need to find and read the rest of the series including:
  • ABCs of Engineering
  • ABCs of Physics
  • Evolution for Babies
  • Newtonian Physics for Babies
  • Quantum Physics for Babies
  • Optical Physics for Babies
  • Astrophysics for Babies
  • Organic Chemistry for Babies
  • Rocket Science for Babies
  • General Relativity for Babies
  • Robotics for Babies
  • Electromagnetism for Babies
  • Quantum Entanglement for Babies
  • the newest one, Bayesian Probability for Babies and coming soon, Blockchain for Babies.
When I started this list, I thought there were only four in total. I have only seen two of the series, but if they are a representative sample, the books would make for an impressive baby library collection.

Link of interest:
Home Reading Environment and Brain Activation in Preschool Children Listening to Stories

I found some STEM books for Toddlers

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