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International Microbiome Centre Tour - Part 1

There are only a few germ-free research facilities in the world and one of them is opening this month in Calgary.  Work on the facility began in 2015 with funding from the University of Calgary and Western Economic Diversification Canada. The new International Microbiome Centre is in the Cumming School of Medicine and will be used by researchers to study the microbiome. Everyone has a unique microbiome which is the community in our gut containing trillions of bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi which all interact with our immune system. Understanding the microbiome is a key tool in improving human and animal health.

We were able to get a tour before the movers came with all the equipment and the sterilization procedures began to make it a germ-free facility. We used a 360º camera to help you imagine what it will be like once the high-tech research tools are in place and researchers are walking around in sterile garments.

To relieve demands on your bandwidth we have broken the tour into 5 parts, with your tour guide Dr. Kathy McCoy, the director of the International Microbiome Centre.
We'll begin with your first stop after your swipe card has let you in, but not all the way into the actual research area.
You will have to take off your street clothes, shower, and put on a sterile Tyvek suit.


The 5 videos that we will be posting are all 360º videos which means you can use your mouse, or finger if you are on a tablet, to look around the room.
If it isn't displaying properly on your device, click the YouTube link and watch it directly on our YouTube 360 playlist.

International Microbiome Centre Tour - Part 1

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