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International Microbiome Centre Tour - Part 4

By Alberta Diaspro et alLive cell imaging gives researchers the opportunity to see in real-time how an organism's immune system reacts to changes in the microbiome.  There are numerous live-cell imaging capabilities in the world, and there are a few germ-free facilities, but the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine is the only place in the world where you will find both in one area.

It is one of the research platforms at the International Microbiome Centre which is designed to study the microbiome of plants, animals, and the physical environment. The IMC is funded by Western Economic Diversification Canada and the University of Calgary and was officially opened on November 9th. Dr. Kathy McCoy is director of the IMC and she is particularly excited about the possibilities of the live cell imaging capabilities that will be available to researchers. Before the process of making it a germ-free facility began we took a tour and with a 360º camera in hand, created a series of videos to help give you the same tour. In part 4 of the tour we head into what will be the experimentation area and we'll let Dr. McCoy explain more:

If you are having problems getting the full 360 degree view of the IMC try clicking on the YouTube link and watching it directly from there.
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International Microbiome Centre Tour - Part 4

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