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It’s Back to school – We can help


I was reminded this morning that school will be back in full force on Tuesday for the ‘traditional calendar’ schools. The schools on a ‘modified calendar’ have already been underway since mid-August. For science teachers planning the coming year, here are a few suggestions that may be useful:

> We at Genome Alberta are huge supporters of project-based learning. We sponsor awards throughout the province for science fair projects in the life sciences and especially in genomics, genetics and biochemistry. I have provided a link below to find your local regional science fair. Additionally, we provide support to young researchers through our availability to respond to questions or at least point out directions that could lead to answers. Besides answering questions for science fair students, we have also assisted teachers, parents and grandparents.

> It was the inspiration of a question from grandparents that led to my production of the “Genetics Explainer” videos on YouTube. After several of the videos had been posted, I received feedback from some teachers that these videos will be used in their flipped classroom approach. Please feel free to use these videos directly or the strategies and examples I provided to make your own lessons. My intention is to continue building this playlist throughout the coming year. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, you can use the comment box on the YouTube video or email me directly.

> As a teacher with limited time to keep up with all the latest research, you can visit Genome Alberta blogs, sign-up for the Genome Alberta Newsletter or follow our twitter feeds. It is difficult for science texts and curriculum to be fully up to date. You inspire your students when you help them connect what they are learning to something that is breaking science news.

It may seem hard to believe (at least for some of us), but this year's graduating class will be the class of 2020. Let's give them the best preparation we can for the future they will live.

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It’s Back to school – We can help

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