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LISTEN: Alberta's best and brightest are slipping out the door

The road ahead for Alberta's economy is a bumpy one and could become even tougher to navigate if too many entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators leave the province and take their ideas and talent with them. We need to pick up the pace of innovation to diversify the economy and responds to shifts in the global economy. With our small population base we also have to choose our economic targets carefully and try to capitalize in areas where we already have an advantage says Leo de Bever. He is an economist, entrepreneur, and past CEO of the Alberta Investment Management Corp. He's also concerned that too much Alberta talent is heading for the exits.

Industry, government, and investment capital needs to find the balance between making money and developing solutions that are technology oriented and can increase productivity. That means keeping innovative entrepreneurs and researchers here at home.

In this podcast prepared by freelance broadcaster Don Hill, Leo de Bever talks about what we need to do to head off the brain drain, foster new ideas, and encourage risk taking.

LISTEN: Alberta's best and brightest are slipping out the door

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