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LISTEN: It's not just science, the Biogenius challenge is an experience

The Sanofi Biogenius challenge is all about biotechnology but it combines mathematics, biology, and chemistry for real projects that can have real world impact. Since 1994, this made-in-Canada competition has paired high school students with university level scientists to carry out research projects in biotechnology. Don't look on the Biogenius challenge as a Science Fair on steroids, but rather look on it as young people pushing the boundaries of their own knowledge while charting an early course for their future.

The science isn't the only challenging part of the competition. The students also have to be able to explain their work in a 10 minute presentation. The Alberta Regional Competition was held on April 2nd in Edmonton, and we sent freelance broadcaster Don Hill to the event to see the science and hear what is was all about.

And what a better way to see how the students handle their elevator pitch than to send them up and down in an elevator with Don.

In Part 1
of 2 audio podcasts, he talks with some of the students, judges, and organizers at the event. Check back later for Part 2 where we'll spend more time riding up and down in an elevator with the young scientists.

By the way - Genome Alberta is a sponsor of the Alberta competition and we'll be interviewing the overall national and international winners at BIO in San Francisco this June.

LISTEN: It's not just science, the Biogenius challenge is an experience

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