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More cautious use of antibiotic use in our pets called for by experts

Medical researchers and health care experts are warning against the overuse of antibiotics in people, in labs, and in livestock. Now the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine has come out and said their needs to be better surveillance of antibiotic use in pets.

We have a multimedia overview with audio, video , and a slide presentation for you to help explain the problem.

First we have an audio clip from Tim McAllister, a Principal Research Scientist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Calgary. He talks about the overuse of antibiotics, and why the prudent use of antimicrobial drugs is important in keeping our favourite pets healthy now and in the future.

The problem of overuse of drugs in pets seems to be getting worse and it isn't just about the medications prescribed by veterinarians. You can get many antibiotics over the counter in pet stores as Kelly Crowe explains in this CBC TV report:

There are many reasons to worry about what happens if we use antibiotics as a preventative measure or if antibiotics are prescribed more often than necessary. Think of the number of minor and treatable infections that will become severe or perhaps fatal if antibiotics become less effective. Genome Alberta's President and CEO David Bailey gave a talk in Ottawa recently about the problem and here is the slide deck he used in his presentation:

If you have any questions about AMR and some of the research underway to help deal with the problem, drop us a note and we'll try to answer your question.

More cautious use of antibiotic use in our pets called for by experts

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