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Praising project-based learning

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to find that an editorial in an Alberta newspaper supported project based learning. It was in The Bow Valley Crag and Canyon that the editorial The State of School indicated “by utilizing project-based, hands on teaching with the support of technology and local experts, the modern pedagogical practices used by CRPS [Canadian Rockies Public Schools] have proven to be an effective method for teaching as students have become highly engaged in their learning experiences.”

I have long advocated project-based learning. Furthermore, Genome Alberta encourages project-based learning through sponsorship of regional science fairs throughout the province.
Many students may have a passion and an interest that allows them to immediately take off on a project of their own making, but other students require an introduction into a topic area to spur their interests. Back in 2008, two large semi-trucks full of display material brought the Gee in Genome exhibit to Alberta. Since that time, we have had available for teachers a smaller kit that can be brought to individual schools and set up in the classroom. I especially recommend this kit for teachers of junior high science, specifically the Biological Diversity unit which is part of the Program of Studies for Grade 9. 

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Praising project-based learning

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