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Summer Internship for Indigenous Peoples in Genomics (SING) Canada

Indigenous students and community members undertake decolonial bioethics training with the Summer Internship for Indigenous Peoples in Genomics (SING) Canada. Genome Alberta is pleased to help support the SING Canada program this this year.

SING Canada takes place July 14-20, 2019 at the University of Alberta, and focuses on chronic wasting disease (CWD): the prion science, epidemiology, the ethics of CWD management, and wildlife co-management policies including the incorporation of Indigenous Knowledge (IK), and wildlife conservation and management in Alberta. This interdisciplinary training program will provide basic science training and highlight how the values and analytical frameworks for Indigenous knowledge systems can be integrated with prion science in order to inform robust research, monitoring, and management of CWD in Alberta and beyond.

14 participants will take part in the 2019 program. They include undergraduate and graduate students and community members from Indigenous communities in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Alaska, and Arizona.

SING Canada, founded in 2018, covers diverse themes focused primarily on nonhuman genome topics, while building on the structure and process of SING USA that has focused on human genome topics. Dr. Kim TallBear and Dr. Jessica Kolopenuk co-founded the Indigenous Science, Technology, and Society (I-STS) research group at the University of Alberta. I-STS focuses on building Indigenous capacity across science and technology fields, and co-organizes SING workshops.

TallBear and Kolopenuk are collaborating with Dr. Judd Aiken and the University of Alberta Prion Research group and Faculty of Native Studies Ph.D. student Arlana Bennett who studies CWD and the implications for Indigenous peoples to organize the SING CWD program. Bennett’s Master’s thesis research findings demonstrated that First Nations are not sufficiently participating in the monitoring and management of cervids, specifically mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, and moose as part of the Alberta mandatory Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) management strategy.

Summer Internship for Indigenous Peoples in Genomics (SING) Canada

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