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Trace the flow of blood through the heart

February 14 is Valentine’s Day. I was asked if there was any science to the symbolic heart we often call a Valentine or Valentine’s heart. I responded that there must be a relationship because I could draw a heart and use it to explain the flow of blood through a four-chambered heart. Check out my most recent Gerry’s Gene Scene to see what I did.

The Valentine’s heart shape is so recognizable, I found that I had previously used it to illustrate a blog post, ‘Mitochondria and Atrial fibrillation – A project idea’. According to one source – Wikipedia – heart shapes were cut from parchment paper by Saint Valentine and given to condemned Christians during the third century C.E. By the mid-19th century, Cadbury was making special heart-shaped chocolate. Thus, the shape is familiar to all us chocolate lovers. I know I will devour a few heart-shaped chocolates on Valentine’s Day! How about you?

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Trace the flow of blood through the heart

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